Isolo Jazz Graphic Mask

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Why not reminisce about the old days, when we used to go to the fair and drink out of styrofoam?

Our original graphics masks are made with one to two layers of high-quality cotton, plus a vibrant & breathable 100% polyester mesh on top. Available in both the Pleated and Cup Shaped style.

Standard "Soft" Elastic Loops with adjuster - A soft, smooth & very stretchy knit material with a soft silicone bead for adjustment. Common, comfortable finish for handmade masks, and doesn't dig in.

Our masks allow the sides to gather along the elastic ear loops, for conforming to different shaped jaws and ear positions. If you prefer to have the elastics fixed to the corners, similar to the way a disposable mask works, select "Fixed Corners" when ordering your mask.

Comes with a sewn-in, aluminum nose strip that can be bent and moulded to your nose bridge and cheeks. Place across the bridge of your nose and apply gentle pressure, ensuring a tailored and comfortable fit.

Shield-Shaped masks with the optional Filter Pocket DO NOT include a filter. They do provide an extra layer of cotton over the nose and mouth, and have a place to insert your own choice of filter, if desired.

Pleated Masks do not offer a filter pocket option, but can be made with an optional extra cotton layer for more filtration. Pleated Masks also offer an option to have the bottom gently elasticized around the jaw. This is a neat feature, unique to our pleated masks, and we think it makes it feel cozier and more secure than other pleated masks. Choose "Chin-Gathering" if it sounds right for you!

Garment Care:

Wash mask prior to wearing. Can be boiled or steamed, or washed by machine or hand in hot water. (We recommend handwashing to get the longest life out of the mask and nose strip.) Not tested in autoclave or extremely high temperatures. Do not microwave.

Safety Warning:

Our masks are not intended for use by children or pets, but can be worn by adults to delight them. DO NOT USE A MASK ON AN INFANT.

Some masks contain small parts (earloop adjusters) and are considered a choking hazard. Do not use masks as a toy or allow children to play with the mask. Please be mindful that when carrying infants or babies, they should not be able to reach mask ear loops, straps or associated small parts.

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Polyester with Cotton Lining