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“Sorry for the mess…I wasn’t ready for visitors!”

We were in the middle of renovating our online shop when it became apparent that we had the ability to produce and provide handmade cotton masks during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  Please excuse the “sparseness” of our site while we reprioritize our offerings.

Handmade, cloth masks are not proven to be effective in protecting against COVID, but as professionally manufactured masks are in short supply at this time, we are happy to provide customers with a carefully considered, handmade alternative to offset the use of medical masks for non-medical purposes.

Slide RAID MY STASH! Masks made from rare & out-of-print 100% cotton New Releases every Friday @ 8PM EST

Over the years, Anna has collected some really beautiful quilting cottons that are no longer available or are extremely rare. She’s decided to make the small pieces she has available as face-coverings in either the pleated or shield-shaped style. Check out the Cotton Mask collection every Friday night for (super) limited new releases!